6 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Car Accident Claim

Many people avoid hiring attorneys for personal injury claims, like car accidents, because they feel the process is easy enough to handle on their own, but this is not an accurate assessment. Cases are often more complicated than the average person understands. When facing off against a team of experienced attorneys on the defense side, it is wise to hire an attorney. If leveling the playing field is not enough of a reason to hire a lawyer, consider the following six reasons for hiring an attorney.

1. Contingency Agreements

While hiring attorneys for most other lawsuits comes at a hefty initial cost, personal injury cases are not the same. Most personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency, which means that the lawyer does not receive payment unless you win or settle your claim.

2. Experience and Expertise

When suing an insurer, you will likely have a hard time understanding the language in the case. Legal jargon aside, insurers have a language unique to their business, as do most professions. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have no trouble understanding the arguments being made, and they will be able to interrupt the information for you.

3. Objectivity

As the accident victim, you bring emotions into the argument. Unfortunately, while emotions have their place, they do not belong at the negotiation table. A lawyer is objective and can argue your claim without letting emotions blind them to fair deals and assessments.

4. Conflict Resolution

Most car accident claims are settled outside of the court, through arbitration or mediation. A reputable personal injury attorney is familiar with each setting and is comfortable in the art of conflict resolution, regardless of it. You can rest assured that a personal injury attorney can represent you with equal vigor in the courtroom to the boardroom.

5. Investigations

Many personal injury claims require investigations and significant resources. When you hire a law firm to represent your claim, you hire the entire team. Most firms have private investigators and legal researchers on staff to help with your case.

6. Settlement Agreements

The main reason to hire an attorney is to receive the best settlement deal you can get. It is statistically proven that attorneys get better agreements than clients filing alone. Most of the difference is due to experience. Attorneys understand what injuries are worth because they have argued similar claims. Many clients do not understand the real value of their case.

Don’t pursue a personal injury claim alone. Contact a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, like from Darrell Castle & Associates, and discuss your best path forward.