Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run car accident often happens when a vehicle driver comes into contact with an object or person and leaves the scene of the crime without first checking the scene and leaving the proper information. These accidents happen under multiple different instances such as failing to stop and rear ending another vehicle or object. Moving too quickly and running into or over a person or animal. And as small as backing into and knocking over a mailbox and not leaving your information can land under a hit and run. 

If you are involved in a hit and run accident one of the first things you should do is contact the local authorities, and then a criminal lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group.

When involved in a hit and run accident there are a few important things you should take note of if you are able to safely. Always make sure you are safe and there are no others in danger or potentially in danger. Once your safety is confirmed next start to make a detailed report of the scene and potential witnesses that can help corroborate your story. If you can take note of the major details first by getting the vehicle year, make, and model. The color of the vehicle and anything that may stick out to help you identify the runaway vehicle. Also, the direction that the vehicle was heading, any details of the license plate and any details you were able to make out about the driver and any passengers. 

Next start to gather any information from nearby bystanders who may have witnessed the crime that are willing to assist. Take note of their names, ages, address, phone number and any information and details they have about the scene of the crime. Take pictures of any and all damage that occurred during the incident, any traffic lights or signs not followed by the fleeing driver as well as any injuries or other vehicles impacted by the accident to get a full spectrum of the scene. 

All of this information should be provided to the officer that arrives on the scene to help draw a clearer picture of the incident that has occurred and bring more clarity to the situation at hand. The officer on duty will fill out a report on the crime and help further litigate the situation in how to move forward. Never pursue the fleeing driver yourself, as that could lead to further complications, more damage and/or more issues.