TRAF School Bus Citations

There are laws in place that vary from state to state. More specifically there are traffic laws in place for school buses. If you have ever noticed, when school buses make a stop there are lights that flash as well as a stop sign that may open on the side of the bus. Sometimes these signals are easy to miss, in most cases they are not. School bus infractions are not the same as a regular traffic citation. The laws also vary for school buses based on jurisdiction but there is a common foundation for traffic laws as it pertains to school buses. Such as:

If you see the yellow lights on a bus flashing that insinuates that a stop is approaching. There will also be red lights that flash shortly after the yellow lights which inform other drivers that they are stopping to release or pick up children. As previously mentioned, there would also be a stop sign that extends from the side of the bus to alert drivers. When there is two lane traffic on both sides, no matter if you are behind the bus or headed in the same direction as the bus, you must stop. The same usually applies for four-lane traffic. In the event that there is a median that separates both sides of the street only the side that is headed in the same direction of the bus must adhere to the buses signals. to be on the safe side, it is always advised to just stop and make sure that children are not only picked up or released safely, but also make it across the street safely should their destination be on your side of the street. This is the easiest way to avoid any traffic violations.

School bus traffic violations are usually double the normal amount, this also is one concerning the speed limit. These citations are in no way A bill that anyone is looking forward to. Should you or someone you know beside it for a school bus violation contact a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA to see what your legal options are. No matter how big or small the city or town you are in, it is very likely that you may encounter a school bus therefore it is also possible that you may receive a violation should you not be aware of the school bus laws. These situations can be as easy as paying off your citation, however it is safe to ensure your drivers license will not be affected by any offense committed.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and school bus citations.