3 Actions That Will Cause You to Lose Your Case

Hiring a lawyer to represent you is a solid move when trying to resolve your case and receive justice. While your lawyer will have the skills required to represent you and conclude your case favorably, you should be wary that this is no excuse to go wild and just do or say whatever you want. Your actions both in and outside of court can affect the case and how it’s conducted. While this by no means requires that you live under a rock for the duration of your case, it does mean that you should apply a level of discretion and sensibility to your actions throughout your daily life. A part of this is knowing what actions can devastate your case which you’ll find out below.

Posting on Social Media

What should you avoid posting about on social media? Avoid talking about the case in general, as well as any traveling, therapeutic treatment, or and physical recreational activities. The last 3 give an insight into the severity of your damages, which the opposing party can use to downplay or disprove your claim. In posting about your case, you just might reveal a detail about yourself or the case that the other side can again use against you. You might think that these things are small and meaningless, but lawyers will use everything and anything to hamper your claim.

Not Working with Your Lawyer 

Your lawyer wants you to win your case just as much as you do and he or she will have the knowledge on what it will take to win it. That said, if they give you specific instructions to see a doctor on a specific date, it’s important you do just that. If you’re not taking regular scheduled treatment or committing to other actions that your lawyer schedules, then you can’t expect for your case to receive the best compensation.


Lying in court is the first tipped domino that causes the whole set to be ruined. Just one lie or turn around, no matter how small, will ruin your integrity, leaving you vulnerable to having everything you say to be challenged at every turn; and they will challenge it. Even if you might feel unsure about something, the best thing for you to do is say your story that your lawyer will help you organize and stick to it each and every time.

Contact an Attorney

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