4 Tips for Preventing Road Rage Accidents

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Important Tips to Prevent Road Rage Accidents

Unfortunately, police departments across the country report that road rage accidents have increased dramatically in the past several years. In fact, experts estimate that road rage causes around 218 U.S. deaths each year, including the 30 murders attributed to road rage incidents.

The dictionary defines road rage as “angry and aggressive behavior by a driver who is upset by how another person is driving.” Keep in mind that while aggressive driving itself is a traffic offense, road rage is a criminal offense, usually a felony if a death results.

Also keep in mind that the typical road rage driver blames you for “making” him or her engage in road rage behaviors such as the following:

  • Tailgating you
  • Honking their horn at you
  • Flashing their headlights at you
  • Cutting you off
  • Attempting to force you off the road
  • Making obscene gestures to you
  • Screaming obscenities at you

It goes without saying that you are NOT responsible for someone else’s road rage. Nevertheless, it also goes without saying that your best interests – possibly even your life – dictate that you should avoid road rage incidents if at all possible. Here are the top 4 tips to help you to do this.

1. Do Not Engage the Other Driver

No matter what the provocation, you should refuse to engage with any driver exhibiting road rage behavior. He or she could have a gun or other weapon and may be just angry enough to use it. Under no circumstances should you ever pull over to confront him or her.

2. Do Not “Feed the Troll”

Never do anything that could exacerbate an already dangerous situation. This is the time to be an adult, no matter how much effort that may take. Try to take deep breaths, stay calm and ignore the other driver to the greatest extent possible.

3. Do Not Drive Home

If a road rage driver persists in following you, do not drive home. This only lets him or her know where you live, which is always an especially dangerous situation. Instead, drive to the nearest police station or sheriff’s department. Few road ragers are so angry that they’ll deliberately cause law enforcement involvement.

4. Report the Incident

This is one time when cell phone usage while driving is not only okay, but also called for. Call 911 and report where you are and what’s happening. Give the dispatcher as much information about the road rager as possible, such as a description of his or her vehicle, its license plate number, what he or she is doing to you, and what he or she looks like, assuming you can see him or her clearly. Following this series of unfortunate events, you may wish to contact a reckless driving lawyer in Hillsville, VA from a firm like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt. A lawyer can help you in taking your next steps following this incident.