Can You Fight a Traffic Ticket?

It is possible to receive a traffic ticket for infractions which include

  • Improper Signaling
  • Failing to yield
  • Speeding

Tickets for violations are more severe and include

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Running a red light
  • Speeding that causes injury

If you receive a ticket, you can choose between paying it and getting points on your record, or, paying it and going to driving school to clear your record. If you feel that the ticket is unjust, you can hire a traffic ticket lawyer or fight it with the following arguments.

The Parking Ticket Was Unfair

Perhaps you were ticketed for driving through a stop sign. When you present your case in court, you could argue that you did not see the sign if you could prove that something obscured it. Photographs can provide convincing evidence to support your argument.

You Did Not Have a Choice

Sometimes you may need to decide between receiving a traffic ticket and harming someone. You can admit to the court that you did commit an infraction or violation but that it was to avoid the alternative of seriously injuring one or more people. Most traffic ticket lawyers agree that a judge will likely consider this and decide that you acted in good faith.

Discredit the Officer’s Viewpoint

Sometimes a traffic ticket is issued at an officer’s discretion, and disputing it can be challenging. The only choice is to prove that the officer’s judgment may have been inaccurate and how you do this requires careful consideration. If you can prove that the officer had an unclear view of your car or that you were driving appropriately for the existing traffic conditions, you might be successful.

Unclear Speed Limit

If you receive a speeding ticket on a road that doesn’t indicate a speed limit, you could easily argue that you had no way to know that you were speeding. Although your ignorance of the area traffic laws will likely be unbelievable, you might receive the benefit of the doubt.

You Have No Other Tickets

If you’ve never received a prior traffic ticket, you can use this to your advantage if your misstep did not result in serious injury. Many courts are lenient on first-time traffic offenders. If you admit to wrong-doing and remain contrite during your court appearance, your chance of getting the ticket suspended is high.

Most people receive a traffic ticket at some point. For contesting anything other than a minor infraction, a traffic lawyer, like from The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt, can suggest the best approach.