Changing Coronavirus Restrictions

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The pandemic has started to wind down in America and this has been mainly due to the success of the vaccines that pharmaceutical companies have produced. As more and more people are vaccinated, populations of various cities are starting to reach herd immunity. This has led city and state governments to ease their restrictions and quarantine measures related to covid.

But as restrictions become less, the lines within personal injury become more blurred and less easy to interpret especially since the boundaries and rules that were established regarding Covid-19 were so hastily put up in the first place. As restrictions begin to ease in different cities across the country, here are the constants you can expect so a business or consumer doesn’t wind up in the midst of a personal injury case.


You make the rules: Like in any other situation, your business is your domain and it’s up to you to make the rules establishing what you will allow to happen on your property. If a city or federal mandate has been made, you are required to follow whatever it is. However, as rules are relaxing, you get to choose whether you want to do away with the mask mandate for example, or keep it up for a little longer. Your rules as a generality have to demonstrate a “duty of care” in order to defend yourself against personal injury lawsuits.


You follow them: The consumers part in this is following rules, but more specifically knowing which ones to follow and when. People, like businesses, are required to follow city and federal mandates. However, even if a scenario occurs where the federal government no longer requires a mask, if a business still requires it from you, you must follow the rules of the business because it’s their domain. Even if federal law says it’s not exactly required, you’d still have to follow the rule that remains at the business. 


They define the rules: The government sets the standard or the bar so to speak regarding the minimum requirements a person or business must meet. If the government makes a mandate, all must follow its rule no questions asked under the penalty of whatever consequences that are established by the time the rule is made. The government, like a business, will make or “break” rules with the intention of expressing a duty of care. 

Regardless of where you are, it’s important to stay up to date on how the rules are changing relative to your role in society. Any victim who has been injured in an accident should contact GSW lawyers clients recommend for legal assistance.