Could There Be No Fault for My Personal Injury?

In most situations where an injury is involved, fault is placed with one or more parties. This gives the injured person a direction to turn to seek compensation. Is it possible for there to be no fault? What happens if no fault is found?

The Possibility of No Fault

If you feel there is no fault for your personal injury, your attorney may be able to track down someone who was at fault after all. For example, if you slipped and fell at work, it may seem like a mere accident. Upon further investigation, you may discover the cleaning company had just finished mopping the floor and failed to put up a “wet floor” sign. That cleaning company could be liable for your injuries.

Of course, there are other situations in which you feel there is no fault, and you’re right. For example, you could be driving down a highway, going the speed limit, which is faster than the typical residential street. A deer jumps out in front of you, causing you to crash the car. A deer can’t be liable for an accident, and it obviously wasn’t your fault or the fault of another driver, so it could be determined as a no-fault accident.

What to Do Next

If your accident is determined to have no fault, you do have some possibilities for receiving compensation. If your injury was the result of a no-fault car accident, your auto insurance may cover the costs of your medical bills. A lot of insurance companies cap their no-fault insurance coverage at a certain amount or a certain time frame, so it’s important you understand what that limit is so you can prepare for the costs that come your way.

It’s also possible to seek compensation from your health insurer. If you don’t have coverage from your car insurer, and there was no other party at fault for you to turn to, your health insurance company will typically pay for your injuries. If fault is eventually determined to be with another party, the health insurer may want to be reimbursed, and could put a lien on your settlement.

Contacting a Lawyer

Whether the responsibility of your personal injury is obvious, or you’re having a hard time figuring out where to turn, it could benefit you to hire a lawyer for assistance. Contact your personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury attorney in San Mateo, CA, at the Morales Law Firm, for help seeking compensation for your injuries.