Drunk Driving Accidents – Consequences and Warning Signs

Drunk driving is dangerous and threatening to the driver, the people occupying the vehicle, and other road users; even with that, it still occurred very often. In most cases, we witness how people are seriously injured and killed in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. The National Highway Transportation Safety Authority said that 40% of car accidents are effectuated by alcohol in the U.S.

Several charges await a drunk driver who causes an auto accident; the severity of the accident is also going to determine the charges. When a drunk driver is at fault for an accident, he would be arrested for the act of driving a vehicle while affected by alcohol or drugs (DUI) and could be held responsible for every sustained injury of the victims and damages to the car accident victims. If the car accident happens to be very severe, a drunk driver may be liable for the unlawful death of an accident victim, and they’re likely to spend a lot of years in prison. Aside from the legal charges with car accident drivers, they also have to live with the guilt of irresponsibly destroying the lives of other road users in the cause of their actions.

Car accidents affect many victims; for instance, they are likely to have persisting physical injuries. Emotional trauma and their sustained injury may prevent them from doing so many things like going to work, school and all that.

What can I do to prevent drunk driving?

• If you are in a group before you guys start drinking, pick a non-alcoholic driver to do the driving and be sure no form of alcohol entered their mouth.

• Never allow your friends to leave your home high intoxicated.

• If you notice you’re highly impaired to drive, use a taxi or a ride home.

• At a party where you know alcohol will be served, make sure you plan for a special driver that doesn’t drink alcohol, or you can offer your driver beverages.

 What should I do immediately when I notice a drunk driver on the road?

Immediately you see a car where the driver seems to be following the warning signs below, distance yourself from such and call the police for other people’s safety.

• Frequently hitting things on the roadside.

• Continuously braking, particularly when it isn’t needed

• Driving from side to side into other lines on the roadside

• Driving dangerously close to other vehicles or bypassing with risky clearance

• Driving slowly ten mph under the speed limit or even more than that.

• Make turns without any signals or driving without using their headlights.

What should be done after an accident caused by a drunk driver?

In a case whereby you were involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, they can be held legally responsible, and you could be privileged to full compensation for every sustained injury and damage. You can decide to consult a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, like from Royce Injury Attorneys, who will help you get all compensation you deserve.