How a Victim Should Handle an Accidental Shooting

Everyone throughout the country is split on gun laws, but one thing remains the same: there are guns out there, and they often get placed in the wrong hands. If you were injured in an accidental shooting, you’re not void of rights because it was an accident. The following are some steps you should take to handle the situation.

Remain As Calm As Possible

The individual who shot you may be just as surprised as you are that the gun went off. If you overreact, attack the shooter or do something similarly dramatic, it could escalate the situation into something more dangerous, or even deadly. Remain as calm as possible under the circumstances. Ask the shooter or anyone else around to help you control the bleeding, call the authorities and take care of what has happened.

Call the Authorities

Even if you don’t want the shooter to get in trouble, or if he or she specifically asks you not to call the police, you should do so anyway. Calling the authorities is one way to get paramedics to the scene as soon as possible so you can begin to receive medical assistance. A police officer can investigate the scene to determine whether the shooting was truly an accident. He or she will make a report of the situation, which could help you when you’re filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the shooter.

Get Medical Attention

Don’t deny yourself medical attention because you don’t think the wound is bad enough, you’re worried about paying medical bills or you’re afraid of what will happen to the shooter. Your health is the most important issue of the whole situation. Let a paramedic take a look at your wound to administer first aid. Chances are you’ll need to ride in an ambulance, possibly even be air-flighted to a hospital. Your wound may require surgery and other types of procedures, and it’s important you listen to your doctors and surgeons and do what they recommend.

Give Your Lawyer a Call

If you were shot by someone, even if it was accidental, you are probably entitled to some type of compensation from that individual. Your lawyer can help you work out the details of the lawsuit. There’s also the possibility there are other factors at play, such as the shooter being a small child, the shooter being under the influence of alcohol or the owner of the gun not having the proper permit. Having an attorney handle the situation will ensure all of these issues are looked at. Call a personal injury lawyer, like from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, today to learn more.