How to File for Child or Spousal Support

Whether you are filing for divorce or are hoping to get support while you are separated, you may not know how to go about asking for it and filing all the paperwork. While it may seem overwhelming, if you have a good argument for needing that support, it may not be as complicated as it seems. The following are some steps to get you started right.

Get in Touch with Your Attorney

A child support lawyer is going to be your best friend through this process. Lawyers know what the court is looking for in granting support and will help you provide all the evidence you need. If your spouse is putting up a fuss and you don’t know how to deal with it, your attorney can help out with that as well. Your attorney can help you fill out all the right documents, make it to court when you should be there, and handle all the little things throughout the process.

Complete Forms and Serve Papers

There are some documents you’ll need to fill out, and you can do that with the assistance of your attorney. After they are complete, you’ll take them to the court clerk, where you will receive a domestic relations summons. This summons lets your spouse know you have filed for child or spousal support, what he or she needs to do, when he or she needs to complete certain steps and when the court date and time are.

You will take the summons to your local sheriff, who can serve the papers to your spouse. The sheriff will also have a proof of service to give back to you after your spouse has received the papers.

Prepare Your Argument

Together with your lawyer, prepare the argument you plan to present in court. This should include financial documents that cover everything in your life. Rent, utility payments, childcare costs, school fees, food expenses, medical bills, and any other expenses should be covered in your argument. You should also have documents explaining your income. Everything should be truthful, and you should never try to stretch any of the numbers to make your situation look worse than it actually is.

Contacting an Attorney Today

If you are separated from your spouse and need some financial support for your children or yourself, there may be a solution. Contact a lawyer today to learn what you can do for assistance.