How to Get the Most Out of Your Claim

Car accidents almost always end up being a traumatic incident for a person no matter how serious the damages are, even if there was little to no damage done. Signs of injury don’t always stand out directly after an accident. Due to adrenaline, many people do not feel pain until they have rested a little while or even gone to sleep. That’s why it’s extremely imperative that you see a doctor or someone in the medical field as soon as you possibly can following an accident — to make sure that you are okay and to protect your legal rights in the event that you decide to hold someone accountable for your injuries. That same adrenaline rush may allow you not to know that you’ve been hurt until days after the accident and insurance companies sometimes just see this as a silver lining in their attempt to avoid paying you or your loved ones for your damages. You may feel the pain of these injuries take over as soon as the adrenaline settles down and the pain may come like a tidal wave. 

Statute of Limitations 

Any form of medical treatment within 72 hours of an auto accident is considered to be a justifiable time to several insurance companies. Waiting any longer may seem as if there was no immediate danger or injury serious enough to pursue a successful claim. Your personal injury claims value, or how much your settlement is balanced heavily on the gaps on how you were medically treated and the extent of your treatment as well. The insurance companies will look at all of the details and try to find a loophole to their liability. There is also something called a “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations enforces that your claim be filed within two years of the accident, and as soon as these limits are surpassed, you aren’t allowed to file a claim, so time is of the essence. 

Take Notes and Contact an Attorney

Once you meet up with a doctor or any other type of professional in the medical field that has  treated you for your injury that endured because of the car accident or personal injury incident,  make sure you keep note of all of the contact information and all documentation. Medical treatment is the most important thing to your case, so treat this information and treatment in a file of its own. It’s imperative that you have this information while you are speaking to an attorney so that they can represent you the best way possible. You should also keep notes of all of the things that have something to do with the case. Should you or anyone you know be a victim in a personal injury incident, inform them of how to make the most out of a claim, and contact an attorney, like a car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA from the law office of Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., as soon as you can.