How much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

Issues That Affect the Worth of a Personal Injury Case

When you are personally injured due to the actions of another individual, and the injury was reasonably avoidable, you can often file a lawsuit against the responsible individual. With that lawsuit, you would aim to receive compensation for a wide range of expenses you incurred in direct relation to your injuries. Is your situation worth hiring an attorney? How do you know the worth of your personal injury case before you make that call? The following are a few issues that might have an effect on your case.

Severity of Injuries and Medical Treatment

The more severe your injuries are, the higher your medical treatment will cost in most situations. A minor injury might require one trip to the doctor and prescribed medication. A major injury could result in surgeries, paralysis and other lifelong implications. You can see how the two situations would vary greatly in how much the medical costs would be.

Amount of Property Loss

Some injuries don’t just result in bodily damage, but property damage as well. If that’s the situation you’re in, your case could be worth a greater amount in order to compensate for that property. For example, if you were involved in a car accident, you might need funds to repair your car. If you were the victim of a violent robbery, you might have assets that need recovering.

Degree of Suffering and Pain

Every injury results in pain and suffering, but sometimes it is taken to a more severe level. Any pain and suffering you experienced can’t be quantified directly, but you can be compensated for it. If your injuries weren’t very severe, you might not have physical pain, but your mental suffering could be quite serious due to the nature of the accident. You might require therapy, but even if you don’t go to therapy, you can still be compensated for the suffering you endured.

Amount of Lost Wages

In a lot of personal injury cases, the plaintiff will seek lost wages. If you have missed work, or will be unable to go back to work even after recovering to the extent that you are able, you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages. The higher your salary, the higher the amount you may be able to seek. If you think that a personal injury lawyer could help you out with your case.