IT for Law Firms

Law firms of all sizes are facing a completely new technology landscape. In the past, lawyers only needed to concern themselves with cases and work. Major shifts in security and data privacy mean that law firms have to be more careful than ever with internal and client information. It’s not all bad news, though. Advances in technology have led to vastly improved productivity for lawyers. And the best way to take advantage of technology is to partner with a managed services firm.

A Managed Service Provider allows you to cover all your technology needs while you focus on the most important parts of your business; client service. In other words, a great Managed Service Provider allows you to make technology work for you.

Here are a few specific reasons why your law practice absolutely needs to consider an investment in IT.

Mobile first

Smartphones have become an integral part of the workday for many lawyers and associates. After all, it’s the easiest way to get up to the minute information that’s pertinent to a case. And case information means sensitive personal data may be involved, especially if your associates are using their personal devices.

It’s imperative that you protect your firms, associates, and clients from potential vulnerabilities. A good Managed Services Provider will find any vulnerabilities and implement a secure cloud environment so your lawyers and associates can feel comfortable using their mobile devices to conduct work.


Clerical and administrative tasks will always be necessary for law firms and lawyers. Though not unimportant, these tasks are time consuming. To improve efficiency and allow law associates to focus on legal work, implement automation into your IT.

Automating processes not only streamline operations at your law firm, but help reduce human error, too.

Help desk support

Another benefit of partnering with an IT firm is the presence of help desk support. Even the most advanced computing infrastructures can go down without a moment’s notice. What matters then is how long you stay down. With a competent 24/7 support team in your corner, you can get business back up in no time.

When partnering with a firm, your law firm associates can expect to get lightning fast support when they encounter a technological roadblock. Help desk teams are trained to diagnose issues quickly and solve them or escalate a support ticket if more attention needs to be paid to a particular problem.