Parental Kidnapping

It is easy to assume that there is no way that a parent can kidnap their child, it is their child. However, and very unfortunately it is actually possible, and far more common than you think. It takes two people to guide birth to a child (a man and woman), because of this, some parents feel as if they have the right to do this to their child without any problems because they birthed the child, even if the parent is not in enough shape to take care of the child. There are some laws in place that protect a child from certain parents depending on their safety concerns and even based on visitation or simple parental rights. Parental kidnapping normally happens due to problematic battles of custody, which is very illegal. Once a judge signs a custody order, if the parent does not adhere to those orders, they are breaking the law and can be placed in jail. These cases are taken extremely seriously, and they differ from each state, so it is best to know and understand the family law in your area. To protect yourself from being the criminal in this case, or to establish that you are the one who is innocent in these situations, then it is imperative to know what parental kidnapping is so you can avoid being a parental kidnapper of your own child. You probably would not think that parental kidnapping is the exact same as regular kidnapping. This just so happens to be true. To give a description that’s easy to understand, when a child has been taken by his or her parent without the other parents’ consent, that child is in danger caught in between parental kidnapping. It doesn’t matter which parent has custody over that child, parental kidnapping is a much bigger problem than just a battle of custody between two parents. There are two things that the court will be on the lookout for, and also something you should preferably acknowledge in these cases to decide if this should be known as parental kidnapping:

1. Did a parent violate a parenting plan that was put in place by when the parent took the child?

2. Was the child left unattended by one parent without the permission of the other parent?

Having a violated parental agreement that was put in place can normally give one parent the right to charge the other parent with parent kidnapping, speak with a criminal lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group, as soon as possible.