Probation Violation

Probation often seems better than prison. Probation is basically in agreement with the court that you will satisfy potential symptoms of jail time outside of jail custody. This means while on probation you are under strict rules that must be adhered to, otherwise you will be placed under arrest and required to complete the rest of your sentence in jail. 

Offenses that Lead to Probation

Many people believe probation is the best option. Small criminal offenses can place an individual on probation — from anything as small as a theft to as large as even a robbery. The period of a probation varies depending on the charge, and unfortunately, probation can last for years. Probation requires fees, reporting to a supervisor, and other things such as drug screenings and travel restrictions. Probation can be very overwhelming and many people violate probation. It is obviously not recommended to violate your probation, however, should you or someone you know violate probation, speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Rules While on Probation

There are certain restrictions that an individual must follow while on probation. Obviously, breaking any laws is the first thing you should avoid doing. When you are on probation you are under a microscope. Anything you do can be used against you and potentially affect your sentence. This means you should avoid any activities that may lead to any form of violation. This may be drinking, smoking, or hanging around a group of people that have a known history of committing criminal offenses. You should report to your probation supervisor as often as they ask, you should be where you say you are going to be, and you should live where you let them know you reside.

When you do not adhere to the stipulations in your probation sentence you are subject to jail time. Committing a new crime could result in the worst possible punishment. Although you may adhere to all the rules of your probation, when you commit another offense you will be penalized for the offense that you committed on top of the violation of your probation.

Contact a Lawyer Today

Things happen. Should you or someone you know have violated their probation you need to hire an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA from The Lynch Law Group, as soon as possible. Most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. Speak with a criminal defense attorney to see what legal options you have.