The 3 Steps to Take After a Construction Site Injury Accident

As a construction worker, or a family member of someone in the field, you probably already know how dangerous construction sites can be. In the event that a worker gets hurt on the job, it is important that they know what to do next and how to protect their best interests. Unfortunately, all too often construction workers face hardships because their employer didn’t take care of the incident properly. 

#1 Get Medical Attention

The first thing to do is take deep breaths and calm your nervous system, then examine yourself for any possible injuries. Notify your supervisor about the incident and that you’d like to see a doctor. If your employer has a workers’ compensation program, then you should be provided with documentation to fill out and then set up with a doctor chosen by your employer to examine your condition.

It is imperative that you get an exam, even if you aren’t sure the extent of your injuries yet. You may be tempted to “wait it out” and see how you feel, but the longer you wait to report your injuries the more room there is for your claim to be denied. 

#2 Talk with Witnesses
A number of construction accident cases will end up being dealt with in court. If that is the case, then it will be influential to have statements from witnesses who saw the accident unfold. If your coworkers are nervous to provide a statement because of pressure from their employer to keep quiet, your lawyer can speak with them and hopefully encourage them to give an honest statement of what happened. 

#3 Seek Legal Assistance

While it may not be required that you have a lawyer to help you with your construction accident claim, it vastly increases your chances of a favorable outcome and reduces the likelihood of you being taken advantage of by your employer and/or their insurance company. You will need someone who is on your side and watching out for your best interests. 
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