Types of Compensation for Your Car Accident

Types of Compensation for Your Car Accident

Car Accidents and the Compensation Process

The most common question people have after an accident is all about damages and what they have covered under insurance. Insurance policies can vary depending on your needs, and each state has its own laws on what is required and what is optional. You can check with your own insurance policy to get a clear idea of what is covered on your individual policy, but, in general, this is what you can normally get compensated following a collision.


Injuries can be the biggest expense after a car accident. Even a single doctor appointment can set you back and burn up a paycheck, so it’s no wonder that most auto insurance policies cover your medical expenses. All you need to prove is that your medical bills are linked to an injury caused by the accident. To make things easier when you file a claim, keep careful records of all your medical bills, receipts, and documents. That way you’ll have them ready for when it comes time to file.


If your accident is serious, you could be out of work for a long period of time. Too much time away from work can mean missing valuable paychecks that you can’t afford to go without. An insurance policy has you covered here, too. You can submit a claim for any wages you have lost (or anticipate losing) because of the accident. Like medical expenses, you only need to prove that you have missed work specifically because of the collision.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Just because an expense doesn’t fall neatly into medical bills, lost wages or damages doesn’t mean that you can’t claim it. Any money you spend to help with your recovery after the accident can be accounted for in a settlement. For example, if you bought a wheelchair or rented a car, you can include these items in your total.

Pain and Suffering

Any kind of emotional trauma that comes out of the accident, no matter if it is brief or long-lasting, can be claimed as well. The actual physical pain and discomfort is included here as well and is factored into your claim. No pain and suffering due to someone else’s negligence should go without compensation.

If you plan to make a claim that includes pain and suffering, or you are confused about how to claim property damages in another type of claim, consider talking to a lawyer. A car accident lawyer in Arlington, TX from a firm like the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, knows how to navigate the tricky terrain of insurance claims and accident laws, which can help you get on a quicker path to settling.