What to Do in Pennsylvania After Being Served a Divorce Complaint

Divorce isn’t easy on anyone. Even those situations in which it is amicable, there is still a loss of something, whether that’s companionship, love, assets, or something else. If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a divorce complaint in Pennsylvania, you’re not alone. The following are some steps you should take.

Take a Moment to Breathe

You might want to get on the phone and call everyone you know, perhaps even your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but you should probably sit down, take a minute to breathe, and try to process what is happening. This is a big life event and you shouldn’t jump right into it without giving everything a little thought.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce isn’t something you’ll want to tackle on your own. Even in the easiest divorce cases, there are details to work out. Whether you hire a lawyer to work you through the whole process, or just need some advice to get you started on the right path, calling a lawyer will never be the wrong step. A family lawyer or divorce lawyer will know the ins and outs of divorce, separation, custody, child support, splitting assets and other similar issues, so be sure you contact the right professional.

Work on Your Response

After being served with a divorce complaint in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to respond to it. The complaint should outline who both parties are, the reason for the divorce, what the other spouse is asking for, and other similar details. It’s now your job to read over every last detail of the document. If anything is incorrect, be sure to note that in your response.

Your response should also include what you want from the divorce. If your spouse is asking for one thing, but you don’t feel it’s fair, be sure you state why in your response. For example, if you have children and your spouse is asking for full custody, you might give some specific reasons why it would be better for you to have either full or split custody. If your spouse is asking to keep the house, but you purchased it with your own income, you might respond with that information.

Getting Started Today

A divorce can be a complicated process, but you don’t have to do it on your own. Contact a family lawyer, like a family law lawyer in Arlington, VA, today to learn what your options are and to work through the legal process with someone who has the knowledge to ensure the best outcome possible.

Thank you to the experts at May Law, LLP, for their time and input into family law.